About us


Becoming a basic necessity; the ability to be online wherever and whenever.
Online in Europe provides good and flexible internet based on 5G data-only SIMs.
Unlimited data throughout Europe, Turkey, Canada and the United States. 

Whether it's for a few days, months or for an indefinite period,
you can rent our 5G data-only SIMs that provide unlimited data for the time you need it.

So unlimited data for any period you like!
The big providers just don't do this.
We do.


Martin Ebbinkhuijsen

Founder and CEO Online in Europe
Light hearted, easy going and sharp

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit.
From selling sweaters as a student to experimenting with snow chains; no idea is too crazy for him to explore. Spent years as a CPA in accountancy and financial management. Solid background in the Telecom world (a.o. Telfort, Lebara, T-Mobile)

When he grows up, he wants to become a professional helicopter skier and therefore he trains regularly as a triathlete. Just to make sure his physical fitness is up to standard. Loves red wine, formula 1 and the odd game of chess.


Gert Jan Straatsma

Co-owner & CSO
Creative, honest and to the point

More than 25 years of sales experience in telecom (a.o. Phones4U, Vodafone). On his watch Lebara grew from startup to the largest prepaid provider in the Netherlands. 

Owns a deep sense and subtlety for building sustainable business relations. Whether it concerns big or small clientele, B2C or B2B, he brings his 'out of the box' thinking to the table.

When he grows up, he wants to opt for an olympic gold medal in mountain biking. Loves to invite everyone to his famous green egg barbecues.


We're happy to help!

We are happy to do our utmost to offer you a flexible, reliable and
easy cross-border mobile internet solution at a fair price

and...without anyone having to worry about how much Gig they have left.

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